Tea Ceremony & Philosophers‘ Path

After a day of deep thoughts and humidity, we cooled off with some ice cream. Pictured, you can see some of the funky parfaits on the menu including shrimp and octopus. We received an unexpected visit from the head Buddhist monk of the Honenin Temple. With the help of Furakawa Sensei and her translating skills, [...]

Journals from Kyoto

  Our students have recorded their reflections on varied experiences in journals. Below you will see a sampling of the latest entries from each of the students: …..nature is everywhere which makes city life much more palatable for me.  I can wander for hours and not feel the burning need to go forest bathing.  I [...]


After a long bus ride through the country of Japan we ended up in the beautiful village of Ohara ready to learn about the process of creating dye to use for scarves. We followed our fearless leader over the river and through the woods until we surrendered to google maps to find the dye studio. [...]

SMC Kyoto Students as Researchers

  Our journey to Kyoto, Japan has offered students an array of experiences that, as you have seen, range from hands-on artistic work in clay, calligraphy, basket weaving, and dye, visits to temples and shrines, home stays in a traditional village, spending a day at a primary school and interacting with Doshisha University students, and, [...]

Day 5- Calligraphy and a Stroll

  The first mission of the day was to take a 30 minute directionless walk. This gave us the opportunity to stumble upon some hidden gems and acquire a deeper understanding of the city. Discovering new things around every corner, we happened upon many local shops that sold clothing, flowers, and traditional crafts.  With Kyoto [...]

A Kyoto Duck Story

We asked students to take a 30 minute directionless walk this morning. The goal was to encourage exploration beyond our packed schedule and nourish that wonderful sense of discovery.  One way to learn about “place” no matter which continent or city is to get lost meandering through tiny passages between the boulevards. (Obviously it is [...]

Day 4- Doshisha School Visit

We had the chance to observe a music, art, science, and home ec class.  In the home ec class students were learning how to properly make tea. Of course a group photo on a beautiful sunny day at the University before refueling with ice cream and coffee. We had the amazing opportunity to eat dinner [...]